While lots of schools wear the “four-year college” label, Carthage stands firmly behind it. We guarantee that any student who enters as a freshman will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in four years.

“Besides avoiding a fifth or even sixth year of tuition, there’s a significant financial bonus to graduating on time: a head start in the job market. You’re off and earning long before other college graduates reach the starting line.” — Ashley Hanson, vice president for enrollment

Why That Matters

There’s another big bonus to the 4-Year Graduation Guarantee besides avoiding a fifth or even sixth year of tuition: a head start in the job market. That’s important to keep in mind when you’re comparing colleges’ value.

To fulfill this pledge, Carthage assures students that they:

  • WILL receive personal advising to tailor a four-year plan.
  • WON’T need to take on an excess course load.
  • WILL be able to get into the classes they need to finish in four years.

More than 90% of Carthage graduates finish in four years. Compare that to 78% at small private colleges in general, and 56% at regional public universities.

Graduation Guarantee Eligibility Guidelines

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Brandon Porter, Registrar “At Carthage, we value the connections we make with our students and work with them individually to create a plan that helps them reach their goals. We take great pride in helping our students graduate in four years and providing them the skills to be successful as they enter the workforce.”

Brandon Porter, Carthage Registrar